RTD is excited to welcome a future generation of transit users to experience all the benefits at no cost.
Zero Fare for Youth is a one-year pilot program that aims to enhance the lives of RTD customers and communities by reducing transportation costs for families.

By inviting youth ages 19 and under to ride the bus and train at no cost, we also remove barriers to education and employment, while creating access to destinations across the metro Denver region. If you’re new to our system, check out our How to Ride video.

*What Do I Need to Show When I Ride?

To ride at no cost as part of this program, you must be prepared to show one of the following to the bus operator or fare inspector: current school ID, valid government-issued ID, alien registration/permanent resident card, Military ID/dependent card with DOB, RTD-issued youth special discount card.

Benefits of Using RTD’s Services

Save Money

Taking the bus and train saves on car expenses including maintenance, parking, and tolals, which add up quickly. A household can save nearly $10,000 by taking public transportation and living with one less car.

Save Gas

Taking public transit frees up additional funds in customers’ everyday budgets. Public transportation saves the United States an estimated 6 billion gallons of gas each year!

Gain Independence

Reduce your dependence on others for transportation, and increase your independence. Public transportation levels the playing field and allows you to continue your studies, visit family and friends, and connect to destinations you want to go!


While taking public transit, you can listen to music (with earphones), scroll social media, and just sit back and enjoy!

Increase Flexibility

Parents and children alike will enjoy the flexibility of our wide network of buses, trains, and special services.

New Opportunities

Creating an opportunity to ride at no cost eliminates barriers to education and employment.

Reduce Traffic

More cars mean more roads need to be built, which causes water run-off that contributes to ground and water pollution as well as increased pollution. Fewer cars mean more bike paths and lanes which are more sustainable

Less Pollution, Clearer Skies

Compared with driving alone, taking public transportation reduces CO2 emissions by 45%, decreasing pollutants in the atmosphere and improving air quality. Plus, lessening antifreeze and other pollutants also reduces pollution.

Healthier Communities

Improved air quality in a community means greater health benefits for the people who live there.

Partner Tools and Apps

Download information and assets to help support and promote the Zero Fare for Youth pilot program.